Considering Grace: Presbyterians and the Troubles

Considering Grace: Presbyterians and the Troubles, co-authored with Jamie Yohanis (Merrion Press, 2019)

Considering Grace records the deeply moving stories of 120 ordinary people’s experiences of the Troubles, exploring how faith shaped their responses to violence and its aftermath.

The result of a research project commissioned by the Presbyterian Church in Ireland, the book is the first to capture such a full range of experiences of the Troubles of people from a Protestant background.

Presbyterian ministers, victims, members of the security forces, emergency responders, healthcare workers and ‘critical friends’ of the Presbyterian tradition are among those to provide insights on wider human experiences of anger, pain, healing, and forgiveness.

It also includes the perspectives of women and people from border counties and features leading public figures, such as former Deputy First Minister Seamus Mallon of the SDLP, Jeffrey Donaldson of the DUP, Garda Commissioner Drew Harris, and former Victims Commissioner Bertha McDougall.

Considering Grace contributes to the process of ‘dealing with the past’ by pointing towards the need for a ‘gracious remembering’ that acknowledges suffering, is self-critical about the past, and creates space for lament, but also for the future.

Order Considering Grace here.

The Presbyterian Church has produced a study resource to accompany the book, written by Dave Thompson. Order your free copy here.

The Considering Grace video page features short clips of some contributors to the book, from both inside and outside Presbyterianism, including the late Seamus Mallon, Dr Nicola Brady, Rev John Hutchinson, Sir Jeffrey Donaldson, Dr Geraldine Smyth OP, Danny Kennedy, Sean Murray, Stewart Dickson, and Bishop Trevor Williams. It also includes the full recording of an online conference, ‘Considering Grace: Unpacking the Impact’.

U105 Interview with Rev Terry Laverty, whose story inspired the title of the book:

Comments about the book:

This fine book contributes to the literature that tries to enable us to emerge with humanity from the darkness. – From the Foreword by journalist Susan McKay

… one of the most important works to be published about the conflict in recent years. It is by turn, harrowing, deeply moving, sharply critical of the church, yet somehow infused with hope for the future, holding out glimpses of how healing might be achieved. – Nick Garbutt, ScopeNI Editor

[An] impressive and courageous book. – Marianne Elliott, Professor Emerita, Liverpool University, writing in the Irish Times

It would be my prayer for everyone who pores over the pages of the book that lessons can be learned and a new pathway to peace and shared living forged. – From the Afterword by  Alan McBride, peace campaigner and manager of the WAVE Trauma Centre 

This work is extraordinarily hope-filled precisely because is grounded in the hard realities and the hurts that people have lived through and continue to live with. – Dr Nicola Brady, General Secretary of the Irish Council of Churches

Engagement with this book can be a grace-filled opportunity for all of us. – Bishop of Derry Donal McKeown

Reviews and Media Coverage:

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