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In my day job, I am a sociologist at Queen’s University Belfast. My main areas of research are the Northern Ireland conflict, evangelicalism, Christianity in Ireland, the emerging church, and charismatic Christianity in Zimbabwe and South Africa.

I think that academic research should reach beyond the walls of the university and I hope that this blog can play some small part in disseminating the work that goes on in my school and in other universities.

I consider myself a Christian. I’m from an independent, evangelical Baptist background in Maine, USA, but have attended a variety of Protestant and (since my marriage to a Catholic) Catholic churches. I’ve lived on the island of Ireland since 1999 and in Belfast, Northern Ireland, since 2006.

Please note this is my personal site. All views are my own and are not representative of Queen’s.

Click here for my academic CV.

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  1. I am a pastor in Florida. I would like to know how I can buy a copy of the church’s hymnal. I love the tune used for “The Head That Once Was Crowned with Thorns” and other songs.
    Than you, Pastor Dr. Joe Warner

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