Understanding ‘No Religion’ – New Video on Vakuum via Peter Jost

You can watch a video of my talk, The Apocalypse for Religion: Understanding People who identify as ‘No Religion’, which I gave last week at Wake, an annual boutique festival in Belfast curated by Peter Rollins. The video title is The Nonreligious, Emerging Church and the Institutional Church.

The video was produced by Peter Jost,  a theologian and church activist from Germany, who attended Wake. Jost is interested in the reinterpretation of the Christian faith in the face of late-modern conditions and asks for a culturally relevant church form. He also is initiator of the  innovation project  “Bunte Kirche Neustadt” and co-founder of the CVJM Dresden Neustadt. He is a predicator of the Ev. Luth. National Church of Saxony and a doctoral student at the University of Greifswald.

The video is part of the Vakuum series.

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