4 Corners Networking–Weekly Feature on Faith Activism: Embrace Northern Ireland

meet-weaveThis week’s featured organisation from the 4 Corners Festival Networking events is Embrace Northern Ireland (NI). Embrace NI has an excellent reputation for its work with minorities, and has produced a number of useful resources to help others be more welcoming to newcomers in our society.

Embrace NI’s description from the networking event features its ‘Hear My Voice’ video.

EMBRACE NI project: ‘Hear My Voice’ DVD

Contact: Aneta Dabek, aneta@embraceni.org

EMBRACE NI is a group of Christians from different denominations working together to promote positive responses to people seeking asylum, refugees, migrant workers and minority-ethnic people in order to assist local congregations and groups in building a more welcoming society.

The group runs workshops and training which promote initiatives that assist newcomers in feeling more at home in local communities and which help local people to understand the issues associated with migration. They publish a range of printed and online resources.

It can be hard to imagine what it is like to come to a new country, not just to visit, but in the hope of staying in order to make a new life. EMBRACE NI has produced a DVD containing descriptions of how it feels. These are some direct quotes from migrants and people seeking asylum:

“…I still feel that it is not easy for someone who is a foreigner to live here compared to somebody who is from here…”


“I know most of my friends who have been depressed, they have been down and once they go to Church they feel better. Most of my friends, whom maybe they just came and were keeping to themselves, once they start going to a certain Church they just quickly change and then you could see the improvement even in themselves. They become happy. They get to know people and trust them more.”

These and other voices are heard on the new EMBRACE NI DVD. The animated film is 6 minutes long and it is an excellent tool for starting discussions. The resource is free and it is available on EMBRACE website or the DVD can be obtained from EMBRACE office.

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