4 Corners Networking — Weekly Feature on Faith Activism: Precious Prizes Church

things-in-commonThis week’s featured organisation from the 4 Corners Networking events is Precious Prizes Church. The entry was written by Colin Houston, and it describes the group’s work in North and West Belfast.

Precious Prizes Church

Contact – Colin Houston, colinriverword@yahoo.co.uk

Precious Prizes Church was set up in September 2013 and is carrying out work in trying to break barriers down between both sides of the walls in North and West Belfast. This has been achieved by working with Catholic groups such as Precious Life along with other chapels in taking a stand against abortion and campaigning for life. Through a partnership approach to lobbying at Stormont, the groups now meet on a Friday night at Springfield Road to worship and pray together on issues such as the Peace Process and the walls to come down in people’s minds and hearts.

The vision of the group is to become involved with street pastors in the Falls and Shankill areas to help get people from both sides of community to serve in the others community though the day, taking part in activities such as helping with cleaning gardens, painting areas of the community with fresh art projects of peace and reconciliation and building trust though walking and praying and serving in each other’s community. We hope that in the future we are able to help knock the walls down together between our communities making them one again.

(Image from 4 Corners Networking event by artist Patrick Sanders)

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