4 Corners Networking–Weekly Feature on Faith Activism: Focolare Movement and its annual conference, 2-6 July in Ballycastle

relationshipsThis week’s featured organisation from the 4 Corners Networking events is the Focolare Movement. Focolare is a world-wide movement with various expressions throughout the island of Ireland. It describes itself as:

An international group which takes its inspiration from Jesus’ last prayer, “May they all be one”, (Jn. 17:21). Its aim is to bring people of all ages, nationalities and beliefs together in the spirit of “Many Streams, One River!”, to share how they try to live for peace and unity in their everyday lives.

In her contribution below, Irene Jovaras of the Belfast branch expresses her desire to make more links with those working for the common good. She also alerts us that the Focolare annual summer conference will be held this year in Ballycastle, 2-6 July.

Focolare Movement

Contact: Irene Jovaras, irene.jovaras@gmail.com

I am a member of the Focolare Movement, which worldwide is engaged in various types of projects to foster friendships between people of different faith backgrounds and none to develop projects for the common good. There is also a group of representatives of different Movements, eg Corrymeela, L’Arche, who have been supporting one another. There are several groups which have monthly discussions and sharing of experiences in different parts of Belfast in the spirit of mutual respect. Family groups from across Belfast are also meeting more regularly with children’s activities.

This year the annual summer conference will be held for the first time in Northern Ireland, in Ballycastle 2-6 July 2014, and we hope to give an opportunity for people from different parts of Belfast, and the island, to come together and make new friends. The event in 2013 brought together 350 people in Dungarvan. Co. Waterford.

In 2012 Focolare organised a Run4unity around Stormont, bringing together young people of different backgrounds to express worldwide solidarity with youth worldwide who believe a united world is possible and want to work together to reach this goal.

I would welcome the opportunity to meet others in Belfast since I have only recently come to the Focolare community in Belfast and it would be good to link in with the work of other groups and be able to support ongoing projects.

I attended the launching of the City Sanctuary project, re-creating a welcoming city, and this would fit in with the ethos we are committed to supporting.

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  1. I just came across this website and saw the article on the Focolare. I’ve been a member in the United States for many years, and believe this idea of ”breaking down walls” is very consistent with the Focolare’s spirit. All the best for your efforts there!

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