Dealing with Stress and Burnout in Clergy and Church Workers – Conference in Ballymena 10 October

church resources logoAlthough not often recognised or acknowledged, stress and burnout are among the most common problems faced by clergy and church workers. The challenges of wise pastoral care and maintaining balance in one’s own life are not easily negotiated.

On Friday 10 October Church Resources will host a session on “Dealing with Stress and Burnout in Clergy and Church Workers”  in the Seven Towers Leisure Centre, Ballymena , 11 am-4 pm. The cost is £20 and includes tea/coffee breaks and a light lunch.

The main speaker will be Ruth Dormandy. Ruth currently works through Interhealth an international health charity based in London. She has also worked with St. Luke’s Healthcare, London who have a wealth of experience in this area of psychological wellbeing.

Split into 4 sessions, the day will cover:
• Identifying the onset of stress and burnout
• Preventing a situation from escalating – and regaining control
• Building personal resilience
• Support structures for Clergy and Church Workers

Places will be limited for this Session. If you would like priority information on booking details, which will put you at the head of the queue for booking tickets, email, or contact Paul Scott on 0799 078 0453.

The Facebook page for the event is here. 

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