Mass Boycott Going Global? Sojourners Editor Promoting ‘Sunday Without Women’

image Jennifer Sleeman’s call for the women of Ireland to boycott mass on September 26th has captured the imagination of women beyond these shores. Rose Marie Berger, an associate editor with Sojourners magazine in Washington DC, has picked up on the idea and is encouraging women worldwide to participate.

On her blog, Berger provides a google map where women who are boycotting can mark their geographical location. She says,

Catholic women of the world unite. September 26 is the day to boycott Mass and pray for greater inclusion of women in the Catholic church.

Berger also cites a comment on an Irish Times article about the Sleeman story, where a writer said:

The church seems to forget God created Women also. Ladies – hit them in the pocketbook. that’s where it will hurt!! Time to weed the chaff from the wheat.

Why not go back to the HEDGEROW MASS, when we had to endure anti-Catholicism by the Brits.

Berger says of this idea,

I think “hedgerow Masses” are a great idea! This is the equivalent of the house-church movement in the United States or the base community movement in Latin America and SE Asia. Are there priests who are willing to serve these communities? My guess is that there are.

I think Berger makes a good point about there being priests out there who agree with the spirit of what Mrs Sleeman is asking people to do. They also understand the full symbolic significance of the action.

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