One in Christ Conference in Rostrevor: 19-22 October

holycrossHoly Cross Benedictine Monastery in Rostrevor, Co. Down is hosting a conference, ‘Parables of Communion: Journeying Together,’ to celebrate the Jubilee of the Catholic ecumenical journal, One in Christ.

There’s an engaging programme of worship, prayer, speaking, reflection, and pilgrimage to sites such as Saul Church and Down Cathedral. The speaking programme features contributors from the island of Ireland and further afield, from a variety of Christian traditions.

The introduction to the conference programme describes it this way:

This conference celebrates the fiftieth volume of the Catholic ecumenical journal, One in Christ. Begun in 1930, the journal is sponsored by the Benedictine communities of: The Monastery of Christ our Saviour, Turvey, England, and The Monastery of the Holy Cross, Rostrevor, Northern Ireland.

The conference will be hosted by the Benedictine Monks in Rostrevor, whose monastic community itself has become a place of meeting, where Christians are welcomed as Christ, in a spirit of mutual appreciation, true encounter and exchange of gifts.

The key purpose of the conference is to contribute to reconciliation, through a deepening of mutual understanding and the practice of spiritual ecumenism. In this we are inspired by the contribution of monastic and religious communities, Orthodox, Catholic and Reformed, to intensifying existing friendships in Christ, and signifying the bonds of communion in the Church.

Gathered in the monastery’s tranquil surroundings of Kilbroney Valley in the foothills of the Mourne Mountains, Co. Down, the participants’ days together will be shaped by the monastic rhythm of worship, Lectio Divina, study – including lectures, seminars, workshops and visitation – shared meals, times of conversation and silence.

Guest speakers from our diverse Christian traditions, through their intellectual vision and evangelical challenge, will encourage reflection on how Christians and Churches can be parables of communion and signs of hope in a world in need of the reconciling joy of the Gospel.

The full conference programme can be found here.

The comprehensive conference fee, including meals and accommodation is £300 or €400. A registration form is available here, with a deposit of 50£ or € by 5 August. Places are limited so early booking is advised.

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