Seminar on Faith & Community Relations April 28, 2010

image I’ll be conducting a seminar based on the findings of my School’s IRCHSS-funded research project, ‘Visioning 21st Century Ecumenism,’ on Wednesday April 28, 2010 from 12 noon- 1p.m. at The Irish School of Ecumenics, Trinity College Dublin at Belfast, 683 Antrim Road.

The title of the seminar is ‘Faith and Community Relations: Perspectives on Diversity, Reconciliation and Ecumenism.’ I’ll outline key findings from recent the surveys of faith leaders and laypeople, as well as insights from the on-going case studies of faith communities.

Currently we are conducting case studies of the Fermanagh Churches Forum and the Holy Cross Monastery in Rostrevor. By the end of the project we plan to conduct eight case studies of faith communities all over the island.

This event marks Community Relations Week.

Some of the findings of the surveys were discussed in a workshop at October, the proceedings of which are available here. You can also read the full survey reports here.

This latest seminar will draw out some results that have not be published previously, such as differences between the way men and women, and evangelicals and non-evangelicals, think about reconciliation.

We also will have available copies of the latest edition of the Community Relations Council journal Shared Space, in which I’ve published an article on the research called, ‘Surveying Religion’s Public Role: Perspectives on Reconciliation, Diversity and Ecumenism in Northern Ireland.’

Please RSVP to Caroline Clarke on Please note that parking on-site is limited, so you may need to park on side streets.

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