The 4 Corners Festival: Imagining Belfast Without Walls …

mallon & wilsonAt the launch of the 4 Corners Festival on Friday, Chris Wilson performed a new song written for the festival, ‘Imagine Belfast Without Walls,’ based on a poem by Rev Steve Stockman, one of the founders of the festival.

Given the ‘Building a Church Without Walls’ theme of this blog, the song resonated with me, as I am sure it will for many others in the city.

The 4 Corners organisers have since made the lyrics available on the festival’s Facebook page, and have promised that Wilson will be performing several songs at the 3 Mayors For 4 Corners event on Tuesday 3rd February at 8 pm in the Ulster Museum.

You can access the full programme (29 January-8 February) of events here.

I hope to post a recording of the song soon, but for now, here are the lyrics:

Song written and performed for the launch of #Fourcornersfestival

maybe there is a heaven
where wrongs are made right
not some ethereal answer
a place where dark becomes light

what if there is a heaven
a place where neighbours are loved
where captives are set free
but it’s here not above

there just might be a heaven
a place where the blind get their sight
a place where every person
finds purpose and life

what if there is a heaven
a place of tangible hope
where every weary traveller
finds rest and love

Image this city without walls
Image a grace with the power to make them fall
and love, love reigns here
oh love, love reigns here

Steve Stockman and Chris Wilson

Image: Lord Mayor Nichola Mallon and Chris Wilson at the launch of the 4 Corners Festival 2015.

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