The Murphy Report One Year On and the State of the Irish Catholic Church: Does it Matter?

imageThe one year anniversary of the Murphy Report was 26 November, and this has been acknowledged with some significant words from Dublin Archbishop Diarmuid Martin. You can read my post about the ‘… state of the Irish Catholic Church – Does it Matter?’ on the Slugger O’Toole blog.

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  1. ”But Martin also criticised the ‘cultural expectations and outward obedience’ of a spiritually disengaged laity. He seemed to say that the leadership of the Irish Church could be culpable for failing to educate or ‘evangelise’ people about what it really means to be a Christian.”

    True. The priests were not formed properly in Maynooth and were unable to form the faithful. Much of the Catholic Church is spiritual deadwood. And there is plenty of blame to go around.

    I think that Archbishop Martin also said that the solutions would come from within the Church, not from without. And that people could not create a Church in their own image and likeness.

    This, in my mind, means that well meaning persons and groups from without should not interfere with their own agendas for the Holy Catholic Church. This means that they should not try and peddle their own agenda from without, with their surveys and so forth, whther their demands be sexual stuff or women priests. Usually, I find that the demands of the dissenters usually involve sexual matters. Understandably.

    This is Christ’s Church and He will shepherd it. The Pope and the Bishops are wholly integral to the Church and cannot be dispensed with.

    Pope Benedict predicted a smaller, purer Church. That was in the 1970s. We shall see that. But I think that you, Gladys, and your faculty, should be very, very careful. Careful that you are not doing the work of Lucifer, who seeks to divide and conquer, and to ultimately destroy the Catholic Church. That is, by interfering in the internal affairs of the Catholic Church, and seeking to promote various agendas and ideas which are incompatible with Catholic faith and morals. Faithful Catholics are watching closely. Not only watching, but doing what we can to help the Church on the way to healing and growth in holiness.

  2. I commented on this article in the Slugger O’Toole blog as follows:

    I have prevously posted on Archbishop Martin and his fake “compassion” e.g. the last two comments on the article

    Now in relation to his recent statement quoted by Gladys:
    [The Church] became self-centred. It felt that it could be forgiving of abusers in a simplistic manner and rarely empathised with the hurt of children.”

    I have referred on my website Irishsalem dot com to the Archbishop’s silence when a woman and her four children were driven out of their home FOUR TIMES by rampaging mobs in Co. Wicklow; the last time the mob burned down their house. As to why Martin said nothing about this atrocity in his own archdiocese maybe the following will explain:

    The Archbishop and Mob Hysteria
    In June/July 2010 in Co. Wicklow, a family comprising parents and four children were driven out of their homes on four occassions by mobs. On the last occassion the mob burned down their home in Ashford. The reason for the hysteria was that 18 years previously (in 1992) the husband had been convicted of a sex offence against a minor and got a suspended sentence of six months. There was a discussion on the website entitled “Labour Councillors Join Mob Harrassment of Innocent Family” and I wrote (among other things}:

    The family have been hounded out of Kilcoole, Redcross, Rathnew and Ashford. I think they are all in the Archdiocese of Dublin which covers most of Co. Wicklow as well. Ashford certainlly is and that is where their house was burned down. Archbishop Diarmuid Martin has become a great hero of the liberal media because of the way he has dealt with allegations of child sexual abuse. He cannot make a speech without denouncing the evils of abuse and apologising for the way the Church dealt with them in the past. He even put pressure on Bishop Martin Drennan to resign even though NO criticism had been made of him in the Murphy Report. (Like the Wicklow mob, the Archbishop seems to believe in guilt by association.) ……

    Would it be too much to ask the Archbishop to condemn the behaviour of the people who hound an innocent mother and her four children? The mob are abusing these innocents. Moreover the hysteria and fanaticism generated by the mob will rebound on real victims of child sexual abuse in the future. Cynicism is what normally follows after Hysteria.

  3. Martin, Lucifer’s work has been on going in the Roman Catholic Church well before the Reformation. (look at its history) has changed little and in the more modern times it really has lost its way, lying to both victims and non victims in support of criminal activity by persons not fit to be priests. Such lies caused further hurt when the victims were treated as trouble makers by communities who believed what their Bishops and priests told them when they hide the truth. While many Catholics are great Christians the same cannot be said of the leaders of the Church especially Rome. Diarmuid Martin is to be admired for standing alone on the issues of the crimes committed by bad priests. The Church failed God and the people by the stance it took. Most unchristian I would say.

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