Is Northern Ireland Stuck with the Same Old Politics?: Platform for Change Meeting April 17

image The Platform for Change will hold its next public meeting on Saturday April 17 in room G09 in the Lanyon Building at Queen’s University, 10 a.m.-1 p.m. Coffee will be available from 9.30.

The immediate topic of discussion is the upcoming Westminster election, and what the Platform for Change should say publicly about it. There will also be consideration of medium term plans, including actions around the May 2011 assembly election. The committee’s medium term outline plan is available here.

So if you are tired of the same old politics and the same old political parties, come along and share your ideas about how politics here can change for the better. The Platform is specifically trying to frame public discussion around how we can develop:

  • a politics focused on the public interest and the common good;
  • a cohesive government in which power is genuinely shared;
  • an assembly which gives the citizen a real voice; and
  • a vision of a tolerant and inclusive society without dividing lines.

(Photo from the Platform for Change launch at the Black Box, February 25)

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