British Religion in Numbers: Launch of New Website

image Searching for an up-to-date source on the latest quantitative research on religion in Britain? The launch of a new website, British Religion in Numbers, looks to be an invaluable source for scholars and others seeking a one-stop-shop for statistical research and opinion polls on religion.

The site features a searchable database of religious data sources, visualisations of religious data such as maps and charts, and written guides to understanding religious data.

The News section is updated frequently, with recent posts ranging from ‘voting intentions and attitudes to religious minorities,’ ‘demonic Britain,’ and ‘Christianity in Western Europe.’

The religious data sources include:

  • government data sources
  • opinion polls
  • faith community sources, such as accounts or yearbooks
  • faith community contact details.

For students, there is an especially useful section of frequently asked questions about how to access particular religious datasets, including links to sources such as the World Values Survey, European Social Survey, and Office of National Statistics.

The website is hosted by the Institute for Social Change at the University of Manchester and funded by the Religion and Society programme of the ESRC and AHRC. The project is directed by Dr Clive Field OBE and Prof. David Voas.

(Image of a graph depicting church attendance in Britain from the British Religion in Numbers website)

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