Peter Rollins in Belfast, 12-17 April: God is Undead Lecture & Tricks of the Light Fringe Pass

pete_rollins_mediumPeter Rollins, the Belfast-born philosopher and popular conversation partner in the international Emerging Church Movement, will be in his home city next week with a series of events that are open to the general public.

Yesterday, I reviewed his latest book on this blog: The Divine Magician. The events Rollins has planned will doubtless pick up on some of the themes in that book, as well as push in new directions.

On Sunday 12 April at 3 pm in the Black Box, Rollins will speak on ‘God is Undead – The Religion of New Atheism.’ The event’s Facebook page offers this description:

Nietzsche once proclaimed that God was dead….

…But he also noted that the shadow of this dead god remained fixed on the wall of secular culture. Unlike people who celebrated the decline of church life, he claimed that the most vocal despisers of religion were actually still far too religious. Does this seem familiar?

While people might have let go of God as the means of finding wholeness, meaning and harmony, they were still trapped in the gravitational pull of these ideas. They were still evangelists, preaching the good news that one’s religious impulses could be satisfied in the market place. One sovereignty simply replaced by another.

In this lecture Belfast born, LA based writer and philosopher Peter Rollins will use psychoanalytic theory and existential philosophy to critique the prophets of New Atheism for not going far enough. Instead he will propose a more far-reaching and truly disturbing vision.

So you think you’re an atheist? Are you ready to see just how deep the rabbit hole goes?

Tickets cost £6 and it is advised to book in advance.

Rollins also has organised a boutique festival titled ‘Tricks of the Light,’ which runs 14-17 April.

I will be speaking at the festival on Friday morning on ‘Sociological Reflections on Pyrotheology.’

Tickets to the festival are sold old, but there are 20 fringe passes available for evening events. These include:

Tue 14 April
7.00 It Spooks Book Launch – The Crypt at St Anne’s Cathedral (It Spooks is ‘A unique and beautiful work that carefully weaves together poetic, biographical, visual and philosophical responses to a haunting new essay by John Caputo. Not only will Caputo be attending the launch, but we’ll also be joined by many of the other contributors.’)
8.30 The John Caputo interview with William Crawley – The Dark Horse

Wed 15 April
7.00 Good Vibrations w Special Guest – Sunflower Bar

Thurs 16 April
7.00 Giving Heaven Hell – Kester Brewin and Barry Taylor in conversation – McHugh’s Basement
9.00 Iain Archer – White’s Tavern

A Fringe Pass is £30 and events will not be for sale individually.
Full details on all individual events are available here

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