The Idolatry of God (with Peter Rollins) Starts Next Week in Belfast … tickets still available

5201192908-5.pngIn my review of Peter Rollins’ latest book, The Idolatry of God, I wrote that debate should focus on:

“ … whether or not Rollins’ articulation of what it could mean to live authentically as Christians in a world where most of us are addicted to consuming products (and more insidiously, other people and our God) offers a helpful – even hopeful – vision for our time.”

Next week, there’s an unparalleled chance to engage in that debate in Belfast with Rollins, Jay Bakker, Katherine Sarah Moody, Barry Taylor, and others.

A four-day retreat simply titled “The Idolatry of God” is set for Tuesday-Friday, with “pre game drinks” on Monday evening. Apart from all the talk, there will also be experiential elements such as an Ikon event, yoga, and tours.

I am absolutely gutted that prior travel plans mean that I won’t be around for the event. Its content is of course directly relevant to the book I’m currently writing with Gerardo Marti, The Deconstructed Church: The Religious Identity and Negotiated Practices of Emerging Christianity (Oxford University Press, 2014).

And it would have been fantastic to meet in “real time” some people I’ve only ever corresponded with online.

But you, dear blog readers, still have a chance to go, as there are a few tickets still available. The cost is £250 – not easy on a limited student or community worker’s budget I know – but I can’t recommend enough the programme and the people.

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