Journey in Understanding Workshop Programme – Participants Sought for Journey in Understanding

niamhlogoJourney Towards Healing, the Northern Ireland Association of Mental Health’s (NIAMH) programme of psychologically informed peace-building initiatives, has announced an eight week course called Journey in Understanding. This course is limited to twenty people, ten Catholics and ten Protestants.

The course will be delivered through unionist and nationalist single identity and then followed with cross community engagement. All workshops will take place from 7.00-9.00 pm in the Baskin Room at the Skainos Centre, 239 Newtownards Road, Belfast.

The overall course will finish with two day trips and one overnight to look at history and the past from a nationalist and unionist framework. These days will allow meaningful discussion but will also allow the lessons and learning of the previous eight weeks to be part of how people engage with their shared histories.

For more information and to register, contact Sarah Caldwell, Project Coordinator, on and Gary Mason, director, on

The evening series features a top-notch line up of speakers, including:

Seminar 1: Our Troubling History and its Interpretation 

Single Identity:

3 September: Prof. Peter Shirlow (confirmed) & Protestant participants

4 September: Dr. Dominic Bryan (confirmed) & Catholic participants


2 October: Prof. Peter Shirlow & Dr. Dominic Bryan (confirmed)

Seminar 2: Role of Religion in Shaping Conflict

Single Identity:

10 September: Professor Duncan Morrow (confirmed) & Protestant participants

11 September: TBC & Catholic participants


8 October: Professor Duncan Morrow (confirmed)

Seminar 3: Trauma and Building Resilience

Single Identity:

17 September: Peter McBride & Protestant participants

18 September: Peter McBride & Catholic participants


16 October: Peter McBride

Seminar 4: Community Reconciliation

Single Identity:

24 September: Peter Osborne (confirmed) & Protestant participants

25 September: Brendan McAllister (confirmed) & Catholic participants


23 October: Brendan McAllister (confirmed) & Peter Osborne (confirmed)




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