Why Northern Ireland Needs to Keep Talking About its Past: New Post on Slugger O’Toole

I have a new post on Slugger O’Toole, ‘Why Northern Ireland Needs to Keep Talking about its Past.’ It’s in part inspired by last week’s Culture After Conflict conference at the Ulster Museum, and Wednesday’s talk at my School by Michelle Moloney, a graduate of our MPhil programme who is now pursuing a PhD at the University of Ulster.

2 thoughts on “Why Northern Ireland Needs to Keep Talking About its Past: New Post on Slugger O’Toole”

  1. I’m not sure who the whole ‘remembering’ thing appeals to. My dad was in the RUC and was blown off his feet by a bomb. But I don’t think he wants to remember anything. I think really, we need to forgive any wrongs that were done, and move on. Being stuck in the past offenses is a road to nowhere. As I said, forgive you enemies, and move on. If you have trouble forgiving, then pray to God and ask Him to enable you to forgive your transgressors.

    Personally speaking, all I ever knew was life in NI during ‘the troubles’. I look back and think it was a few sad men (and the odd woman) who caused a lot of trouble, killed lots of people and had some support from both sides of the community.

    I don’t believe that I need to remember anything or forgive anyone. I was not personally inconvenienced, except for the odd traffic jam due to security alerts. I would actually just like a job. That would be nice. £60 a week is pretty crap.

  2. I should point out that my dad wasn’t killed. He was blessed not to have been badly injured.

    I know many people were killed and maimed, and yes, this is tough and very sad. But ultimately, the only positive step is forgiveness of enemies and offenses, and then move on.

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